Executive Committee 2022-2023

President                                             Beth Rousseau

President-Elect                                   Beth Robertson

Vice -President Fundraising                Karen Martin

Vice-President Finance                      Janet Quirk

General Treasurer                              Donna Jo Austin

Project Treasurer                                Carol Anne Hendrix

Corresponding Secretary                   Toni Stoughton

Recording Secretary                           Robin Siegel

Parliamentarian                                   Marsh Webb

Immediate Past President                  Melissa Patterson


Board of Directors

Anniversary Celebration                                 Joan Plunkett

Archives                                                          Donna Jo Austin

Bylaws, Policies & Rules of Procedure          Carol Johns

Civic Liaison                                                    Gail Jokerst

Contracts                                                        Kathy Seabolt

Endowment Fund                                            Pat Decker

Enrichment                                                     Gail Cohn

Elegant Elf Marketplace                                 Beth Burton

            Vendor Chair                                       Susan Sutterfield

            Venue Co-chairs                                 Gretchen Lehane and Jane Stallman

            Vision Chair                                        Emily Gadrix

Tossed Out Treasures                                    Kim McAfee

            Advisor                                                Joan Plunkett

            Clean Up                                             Deborah Minor

            Procurement                                       Patty Kaplowitz

            Receiving                                            Anne Sherwood

TOT Online                                                     Courtenay Eckhardt

Event Cashiers                                               Bonnie Laney and Patty Kaplowitz

General Meetings                                           Mary Ray & Karen Blass

Handbook                                                       Julia Doyle

Historian/Scrapbook                                       Linda Dixon

Hospitality –  Events                                        Robin Siegel

Long Range Planning                                     Gail Jokerst

Member Social Events                                   Dana Patton & Amy Callahan

Member Engagement                                     Dixie Brock & Peyton White

New Member                                                 Beth Burton

            Chair Elect                                          

Permits                                                            Elizabeth Kelly, Deborah Minor

Philanthropy                                                    Amy Forrestal

Road Trip                                                        Tiffany Wray and Erica Ross

Sisterhood-notes                                             Gayle Mitchell

Sisterhood-help                                               Mitzi Rummel

Social Media                                                   Emily Gadrix

Spirit of Sandy Springs Award                       Jan Johnson

Storage                                                           Lisa Ford

Sunday Night Supper                                     Clanci Jordan & Toni Stoughton


 Member Support                                        Marcia Decker and Carol Anne Hendrix

Member Communications                          Deborah Minor, Cathy Blodgett, Terri Bone

                                                                        Susan Sutterfield, Gretchen Lehane

            Website                                               Jennifer Webb



Supporting the Community

For our current fiscal year (July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022), the Sandy Springs Society has awarded $263,300 in grants to 32 nonprofit organizations serving our community. Our grants process is competitive, and our all-volunteer Philanthropy Committee conducts site visits to all applicants and reviews applications and supporting materials.  Annually we receive requests that total more than 150% of available funds.

This process has allowed the SSS to touch lives young and old with philanthropic distributions ranging from as little as $600 to as much as $25,000. The Society is proud of the local impact we have with grants to a variety of Sandy Springs organizations that contribute a tremendous amount of good work every year to improve the quality of life of the residents of Sandy Springs.

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